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Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard

International Teachers of Healing Sound Training Courses

Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard are founders and directors of the
International Association of Sound Therapy, which they cofounded in 1998. A
dynamic husband-and-wife team, they are sound therapists, authors, course
facilitators and musicians. Michele is also an accomplished singer-songwriter.
Nestor and Michele are pioneers who have introduced Sound Therapy and
Overtone Singing to several countries.
Their Diploma certification Training in Sound Therapy is one of the leading
sound trainings available today.
In addition to their more than a dozen CDs of music for healing, meditation and
transformation, they conduct training courses and workshops on Sound
Therapy, and perform concerts worldwide. Michele is the author of the book
“Free your Voice, Heal your Life”. Nestor is author of “Overtone Chant – the
Practical Guide” Nestor is internationally regarded as a leading expert on
Overtone Singing and has appeared on “Spain’s Got Talent”.
Their articles on sound and voice have been published in magazines and
newspapers in many countries and in several languages and they have
appeared on radio and television in many of the countries where they have
performed live concerts or been keynote speakers on the subject of Sound
Their humor, charismatic style and love for Sound has transported and
enchanted audiences and changed the lives of thousands of people on 5
continents. For 30 years they have worked together as a dynamic husband-and-
wife team, demonstrating through their activities the essence of Sound as a
vehicle for personal growth and transformation on the individual and planetary
Michele and Nestor have their own center “The Dome Center” that has served
as their base in the Alicante province of Spain since 1997. This spectacular
acoustic space is where they teach when in Spain, and also where many of
their CDs have been recorded.

Eeshi-Ra Hart

Sonic Facilitator/Speaker/Mentor

Eeshi-Ra Hart (UK) - Founder of Sonic Life Solutions is a sound healing practitioner, singer, trauma release breath coach & bodyworker since 1991, visionary, speaker & vocal coach with over 23 years in the sound healing world. She is passionate about empowering clients to become their own healers using the power of scientifically-researched and medically applied frequencies and those based on the laws of Nature and the Universe. She uses a wide variety of precisely-tuned sound healing instruments combined with the breath, the voice, movement, body wisdom, light, sacred geometry & consciousness for healing, accessing deeper levels of embodiment, sexual empowerment and awakening of the Divine I Am within to create real lasting change so clients can feel more in tune and happier & healthier on a daily basis!

AwaHoshi K. Kavan


AwaHoshi has been researching and sharing the harmonics of crystal sound for forty-five years (45). She has been a forerunner in the use of crystal harmonics to support the alignment of our biocrystaline bio-chemistry. Her knowledge acknowledges our bond with nature’s innate planetary harmony. She has played crystal sound with active volcanic lava flows in Indonesia, Mt. Batur, Italy, (Sicily) Mt. Etna and now Hawaii, Mauna Loa and Kilauea. There is an evident resonance with the importance of honoring who we really are on this planet. The octave of crystal has reappeared with AwaHoshi to align us again to Health and Harmony, peacefully.

Daniel Brower

Master Sound Healer

I entered the world of sound in 1994 with a group of toners. Shortly thereafter I purchased my first crystal bowl and added it to the group. So my work with sound started with voices, a crystal bowl and intention.
Within a year I had a full set of seven crystal bowls. A few years later I started facilitating Peace Prayer Ceremonies with the bowls, which I continue sharing today here in Capilla del Monte, Argentina, where I have lived since 2009. My work with the bowls took a quantum leap in 2002 when a group of bowl players joined me for our first “Circle of Sound” ceremony. That evolved into the only worldwide family of crystal bowl players called Circle of Sound. In 2005 we started having a Global Harmonization Ceremony every Equinox and Solstice and continue to this day. Our next one is Equinox March 20, next week. In 2011 I learned how to tune the crystal bowls with water to desired frequencies, like the 432 musical scale and the rife medicinal frequencies. That led to the creation of the Crystal Orchestra 432, which I believe is the only crystal bowl orchestra that tunes the bowls to the 432 frequencies. We perform concerts in and around Capilla del Monte.
In 2018 I launched with rife frequencies via crystal bowls for about 200 illnesses. I continue to share personal and group harmonization sessions when requested. I have been teaching people to play the crystal bowls consciously since 2008, aware of the volume and quality of the sounds. I continue to discover other uses of the crystal bowls and sounds. A current project is to discover the sounds to re-activate the solar discs up and down the Americas. I am eternally grateful to have found the crystal bowls and for all that they teach me and others.


Featured Sound Healer

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